18 March 2019
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18 March 2019, Comments 0

Remembering that the “imitation website of IAS” –which is based in the Menara KADIN, Jakarta– contains false accusations and defamation against Mr. Puguh Santoso, as the owner of IAS-brand, logo and website: www.ias-indonesia.com, we have taken legal steps. For further information, please contact our Attorney : Law Firm Anggiat Napitupulu & Partners  at Mobile +628111792016.

(Sehubungan dengan pencemaran nama baik dan fitnah di ‘website tiruan IAS” yang berkedudukan di Menara KADIN, Jakarta terhadap Mr. Puguh Santoso –selaku pemilik merk dan logo IAS, serta website www.ias-indonesia.com– kami telah menempuh langkah hukum. Informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi Lawyer kami : Kantor Pengacara Anggiat Napitupulu & Partners, di HP +628111792016.)

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