Guidelines on Logo Usage

Guidelines on Logo Usage

The rules over the use of the logo are as follows:

  • A registered client may use the Integrated Assessment Services Registration Logo in conjunction with any applicable Accreditation Logo on the clients stationery and literature, subject to the conditions below and to the conditions for use of the registration mark.
  • The Registration Logo shall be reproduced
  • In black or in the predominant color of the letterhead or printing
  • On a clearly contrasting background
  • In a size which makes all features of the mark clearly distinguishable.
  • The logo shall not be used in such a way as to suggest that Integrated Assessment Services has certified or approved any product or service of a registered client, or in any other misleading manner.
  • This table below provides guidance on the use of registration marks for indicating when a product has been made under a registered quality management system.
  • This could be a tangible product itself or product in an individual package, container, etc. In the case of testing/analyzing activities, it could be a test/analysis report.
  • This could be over-packaging made of cardboard etc. that can be reasonably considered as not reaching end users.
  • This applies to marks that have a specific form including some basic description of its applicability. A statement in words alone does not constitute a mark in this sense. Any such wording should be true and not mislead.
  • This could be a clear statement that “(This product) was manufactured in a plant whose quality management system is certified/registered as being in conformity with ISO 9001”.
  • When using symbols or logos, adequate attention should be paid to avoid infringement of the logo requirements given above.

Integrated Assessment Services will determine whether the registration mark is used only in strict accordance with these requirements at each surveillance visit. In the event of misuse, the clients registration will be placed in jeopardy. Unless appropriate corrective action to rectify the misuse is taken within a period agreed to by the client and Integrated Assessment Services, the registration shall be suspended. Incorrect reference to the Registration Logo, or misleading use of certificates found in advertisements, catalogs, etc. shall be dealt with by suitable action. This could include corrective action, publication of the transgression, and, if necessary, legal action.

Use of Accreditation Logo

  • Use of the accreditation mark is subject to the conditions detailed below:
  • Where the accreditation mark is used, the client shall include:
  • Its own name or mark
  • The certification mark to which it relates, not disproportionately represented with reference to the actual accreditation mark, and positioned in a manner that ensures the relationship between the accreditation mark and the certification mark is obvious.
  • Use shall be restricted to correspondence, advertising, and promotional material (except on Business Cards) that is directly applicable to the scope of registration as shown on the Registration Schedule.
  • The accreditation mark shall not be used in such a way to suggest that the Accreditation Council, Government in India or any Government Minister, have certified or approved the clients activities, or in any other misleading manner.
  • The accreditation mark may be uniformly enlarged or reduced but shall be large enough for the wording to be clearly legible. The color scheme is to be followed as per the supplied Logo. The complete Accreditation Mark may also be printed in Black.
  • Use shall be such that there is no implication that the goods or services themselves are approved by Accreditation Board